About the origin of Xietzo, and more.

Xietzo is run by one man, me: Frans Janssen;

those are very few men.

However, I do know many very smart people that advise me.

Therefore, from hereon, I will speak of us and we, because I am standing on shoulders.

The Xietzo company was founded in 1988, and has been providing quality solutions, -for example for transportation and building- companies, marine-, and accoustical-research companies- ever since.

Located at Nijmegen Holland, all technical and practical aid is at hand, as is advice, and are high-quality basic products, essential to the activities of Xietzo.

After working on all kinds of things that can fly, float or roll,

…particularly those things that do so, differently,

it is now time to find some associates.

So, after visiting the site; if you are interested in coöperating in one of the projects mentioned, or if you would like us to have a look at technical issues or ideas, do feel free to contact us.


Keizer Karelplein. If you want, take a tour in our town.

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Waalbridge Nijmegen